Haven Leonel

Rookie (February 16,1993 / West palm beach)

Haven Leonel Poems

1. A Hearts Story 10/28/2009
2. Live Your Life 10/28/2009
3. Haven Leonel - My Shattered Heart 5/28/2010
4. Dreamer... 3/9/2011
5. Angels & Demons 3/9/2011
6. Lifeless 3/9/2011
7. Screamer 3/9/2011
8. Relapse 3/10/2011
9. Deception 3/11/2011
10. Higher Calling 3/11/2011
11. To Patience. 9/11/2011
12. Second Chance 9/11/2011
13. Heart For One 9/11/2011
14. Gamer 9/11/2011
15. Excuses 9/11/2011
16. Cheater 9/11/2011
17. Mr. Motivation 9/11/2011
18. Crown Me Victory 9/11/2011
19. The Undying Challenger 9/11/2011
20. Present 9/14/2011
21. You Are My World 6/26/2009
22. This Is Our War Cry 6/26/2009
23. Ten Years From Now 3/10/2011
24. It Was Me And Her, And Her And I. 6/28/2009
Best Poem of Haven Leonel

It Was Me And Her, And Her And I.

I Had this friend when i was ten,
she was a sweetheart way back then.
We'd laugh and play, we'd talk all day,
and say the things we'd want to say.

Yet things grew different as time went by,
she was growing up and so was I.
But this was good, we were so close,
she became the girl i loved the most.

It was me and her, and her and I,
by now we were thirteen,
Yet I knew for a fact, for her I'd die,
and for me she'd do anything.

Yes, we were young, but in love were we,
and Nothing could go wrong,
for I loved her, and she loved me,

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Live Your Life

for those of you who do not like 'rap' then do not read this.. i do not usually write rap lyrics but there is a first time for everything.

This is my life,
its a life filled with expirience,
influenced by obediance,
and packed full with intellegence.

I believe life is to short for sufferance because of violance,
we need to realize that every action we come up with,

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