Hawkins Rodgers

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Biography of Hawkins Rodgers

(I'll probably revise this at some point, but for the moment this is more of a list of facts than a bio, so keep that in mind.)

I was homeschooled from preschool through 8th grade. I just finished Highschool, and I'm on my way to college. I've been writing poems ever since 7th grade.

My favorite poem is 'If' by Rudyard Kipling and in general I prefer poems that rhyme. Even if they don't rhyme, my ultimate requirement in a poem is meaning; I try not to write anything that is solely a collection of 'pretty words' and my favorite poems are those that are more than that.

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Open Minded

They say never be shallow, instead have an open mind
And ya'know that's funny, ‘cause I find, a mind left open often rots away
That's not to say, a closed mind is essential
For I know that would simply suffocate your potential

How about a clear mind, a sunny forecast
Keeping your mind unclouded by the delusions of the past
I mean dig your roots deep, be firm
But never reach the point where you can no longer learn

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