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hi my name is hayley nicole foster born march 5th friday 2: 04 a.m. at akron city hospital i love skinny jeans skate shoes skateboards make-up tight fitting shirts jewrlry and hot topic and not to mention that i'm bisexual so i like girls too i'm 5 foot 2 and i have blue eyes that change colors dirty dishwater blonde hair my eyes change from the color blue for when i'm really happy green when i'm sad normal embarassed hazel when i'm not feeling good or mad red when you really piss me off gray when i found the one i love and i'm around that person i love poetry music tinkerbell the colors pink and black i hate my mom with a passion she can burn in hell i love my stepmom even though she's dead i write poetry songs and journal entries (livejournal.com) i want to be a doctor i love to sing my nails are always blood red or pink (mostly red) my favorite kinds of music are punk rock alternative basically everything though i collect stuffed animals (teddy bears, care bears) my room is very cheerful even though i am not because my eyes always seem to stay the color green well this is all about me if you have any questions just e-mail me on poemhunter or at yahoo at the e-mail badgirl181218
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silent voices

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life is here
life is there
life is upsidedown
and life is inside out
life can go on for a
million miles cause i don't care
where life will lead cause all i care about is you on this day
so life here
and life there

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