HeArShEy De La Rosa

Rookie (9-10-1991 / nyc)

Biography of HeArShEy De La Rosa

well what can about this krazy gurlllll she is 9 and 4 quaters she has a good life she sometimes gets her ups anddown she wasss bornn in nyc the date she was born was sep 10 _ _ _ _ she blows her kandle sep 10 2009 she has been thru her ups and downs with her besties but as u kan al see we are different in are own ways but i noe we bros ans sis and some pplz just say oh that we just sis or bros or cuz or what eva it dosenot matter cuz i dont give u kan talk smack but all u have to noe is that miii page is private and if i noe u i miht add uuuuuuuu peaceeee ashantii akaaa HeARsHeY

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Me, U, Love

i love u, i love u too, we love each other, because its me and u we dont like to fight but it sometimes happens we love each other so much that we promise not to fight cauz its us 2 only not u or another person under stand mee no mean no nice just stay back cauz all i have is him dont steal dont crush cauz i all i have is her i love her she loves me, its me and u and love forever no stopin us we lovin each other wee beautiful toghter

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