Heart of Ice Die Die Die

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Heart of Ice Die Die Die Poems

41. Pretty Picture 11/7/2009
42. Red Rose Just For You 11/10/2009
43. Dead 11/10/2009
44. Willow Tears 11/13/2009
45. I Keep Hurting Them 11/13/2009
46. This Is What Depression Is Like 11/13/2009
47. Only Want To Help 11/17/2009
48. Little Line 11/17/2009
49. Secrets Appear 11/17/2009
50. Only A Game To You 11/17/2009
51. Forbid 11/21/2009
52. Fear 12/5/2009
53. Silence 12/5/2009
54. Done And Gone 12/5/2009
55. Letters In Lines 12/5/2009
56. I Am What I Am 12/5/2009
57. Doesn'T Change Anything 10/20/2009
58. Trade You 10/20/2009
59. Tomorrow 1/12/2010
60. Story Of An Emo 1/16/2010
61. Just Trying Not To Cry 1/16/2010
62. Beep 1/16/2010
63. Who Would 1/16/2010
64. Into The Night 1/16/2010
65. Unseen 1/16/2010
66. Invisible 1/16/2010
67. List Of I Hate You's 1/21/2010
68. Blur 1/27/2010
69. Empty Slot 1/27/2010
70. You See 1/27/2010
71. Icy 3/5/2010
72. Puzzle Me 3/5/2010
73. That's Time 3/5/2010
74. Uh, What? 3/5/2010
75. Numb 3/5/2010
76. Mistake 3/5/2010
77. My Dear 3/5/2010
78. Unfinished 3/5/2010
79. Jockz N Emoz 3/5/2010
80. Treading Water 3/11/2010

Comments about Heart of Ice Die Die Die

  • Broken Heart (5/11/2010 9:10:00 AM)

    I dont know what to say! ! You rockkk! ! ! Keep up the great workk! ! :)

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  • Eyan Desir (12/20/2009 5:11:00 PM)

    Frusration is a part of life....
    It is wonderful to express your self....
    This ease the pain.....

    I think you are doing a beautiful job at it...
    So keep it up...Young lady
    Hoping I see some love poems on your page...

  • ~*Random Nightmare*~ (10/15/2009 5:38:00 PM)

    Heyy! I lovzed you! Your my best-sis-shayshay-Ima kick you into next week! I like this one the best! lol! See yazz!

Best Poem of Heart of Ice Die Die Die


I can't keep doing this to myself,
the stress will kill me.
I have to stop
my knife.
I can't keep doing this.
It's become out of control.
Too hard to control.
I'll kill myself,
possibly on accident,
but maybe not.
I've already tried,
too close a call.
Words carved into my skin.
is the brand I bear.
I can't be trusted ALONE anymore.
But I'm drowning,
I can't see the surface anymore.
I call for help,
for it.
But no one answers.
They've all but forgotten
the girl they used to love,
or at least were ...

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My Disease

I feel as if I have been abandoned
Even though there are people all around me.
I can only feel the depression sinking in deeper and deeper
it's a disease, spreading through my veins,
becoming worse and worse with every breath I take.
The true face of my depression surronded
in the same black shroud that I am surronded in.
The disease spreads farther and farther
Cutting me deeper and deeper.

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