Heart of Ice Die Die Die

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Heart of Ice Die Die Die Poems

121. I Need Someone To Love 10/2/2009
122. My Gray Oblivion 9/22/2009
123. Listen 9/6/2009
124. If You Only Looked 10/21/2009
125. Maybe She Cries 11/5/2009
126. Cut Away 11/7/2009
127. Again 11/7/2009
128. This River 5/26/2009
129. My Black Angel Wings 6/2/2009
130. All My Fault 6/6/2009
131. Assumptions 6/6/2009
132. Confused 5/25/2009
133. This Isn'T Hell This Is Life 5/23/2009
134. Jump 5/25/2009
135. Don'T You Feel So Special? Recrumbled Because Of You 7/5/2009
136. Microscopic 9/5/2009
137. Can'T Heal That Fast 10/21/2009
138. Kill Me 3/5/2010
139. Emotionless 1/2/2010
140. Bye Superman 1/9/2010
141. Bleeding Vampire 12/30/2009
142. I'Ll Hurt For You 10/22/2009
143. Writing On These Walls 7/14/2010
144. Emo! Emo! Emo! You'Re An Emo! 12/19/2009
145. Butterfly Kisses And Suicide Notes (The 2nd) 12/30/2009
146. Believe 4/8/2010
147. I Swear, I Didn'T Do It! 11/13/2009
148. Blooming 8/1/2009
149. No Faith In Me 7/2/2009
150. What You Gave Me 6/12/2009
151. Healing Rain 5/25/2009
152. These Tears 6/6/2009
153. Mirrored Image 12/16/2009
154. The Life Of An Emo 7/23/2009
155. Back To Before / I Love You Four 12/5/2009
156. Blood 5/23/2009
157. Mountain Of Raw Emotions 5/25/2009
158. Empty 5/25/2009
159. A Letter To The Ignorant 1/12/2010
160. Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses 12/30/2009

Comments about Heart of Ice Die Die Die

  • Broken Heart (5/11/2010 9:10:00 AM)

    I dont know what to say! ! You rockkk! ! ! Keep up the great workk! ! :)

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    5 person did not like.
  • Eyan Desir (12/20/2009 5:11:00 PM)

    Frusration is a part of life....
    It is wonderful to express your self....
    This ease the pain.....

    I think you are doing a beautiful job at it...
    So keep it up...Young lady
    Hoping I see some love poems on your page...

  • ~*Random Nightmare*~ (10/15/2009 5:38:00 PM)

    Heyy! I lovzed you! Your my best-sis-shayshay-Ima kick you into next week! I like this one the best! lol! See yazz!

Best Poem of Heart of Ice Die Die Die


I can't keep doing this to myself,
the stress will kill me.
I have to stop
my knife.
I can't keep doing this.
It's become out of control.
Too hard to control.
I'll kill myself,
possibly on accident,
but maybe not.
I've already tried,
too close a call.
Words carved into my skin.
is the brand I bear.
I can't be trusted ALONE anymore.
But I'm drowning,
I can't see the surface anymore.
I call for help,
for it.
But no one answers.
They've all but forgotten
the girl they used to love,
or at least were ...

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I'm falling,
Through an eternity of blackness,
That has no end.
I can hear nothing,
Nor can I see anything,
I cannot smell.
I remember nothing of a past.
Therefore I hold no future.
There is no present in this place for me or another.

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