Heather Biscoe

Heather Biscoe Poems

1. Gone From Me 3/25/2009
2. Just Another Night 3/26/2009
3. Forget 3/26/2009
4. The Beautiful End ~ 3/27/2009
5. Seconds ~ 3/27/2009
6. The Devils Angel ~ 3/27/2009
7. Forever This Way 3/27/2009
8. This Moment~ 3/27/2009
9. Leaving~ 3/28/2009
10. Grace 3/28/2009
11. Should Have Known 3/28/2009
12. Lifeless 3/28/2009
13. Meeting An Angel 3/19/2009
14. Standing In The Rain 3/19/2009
15. Only A Moment 3/19/2009
16. Beautiful Fate 3/20/2009
17. Someone To Save Me 3/21/2009
18. Falling 3/22/2009

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Best Poem of Heather Biscoe


The rain falls down
and tonight
I find myself alone
a cup of coffee
to keep me awake
just incase you
decide to come back home
but, I'm not sure
paper and pen
in my other hand
words I wish
I could say outloud
but it's easier this way
to write what I feel
to afraid to say outloud
Something to mend
my broken heart
still the rain falls
as a soothing melody
I wait for hours
until I finally give up
the fight to stay awake
dreaming of you
as I fall to sleep

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Beautiful Fate

We were so young
all we had was time
the moments flew by
we didn't even notice
we didn't care where we were
as long as we were together
so naive and careless
sweet abandon saved us
hearts were wild and in love

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