Heather Biscoe

Heather Biscoe Poems

1. Gone From Me 3/25/2009
2. Just Another Night 3/26/2009
3. Forget 3/26/2009
4. The Beautiful End ~ 3/27/2009
5. Seconds ~ 3/27/2009
6. The Devils Angel ~ 3/27/2009
7. Forever This Way 3/27/2009
8. This Moment~ 3/27/2009
9. Leaving~ 3/28/2009
10. Grace 3/28/2009
11. Should Have Known 3/28/2009
12. Lifeless 3/28/2009
13. Meeting An Angel 3/19/2009
14. Standing In The Rain 3/19/2009
15. Only A Moment 3/19/2009
16. Beautiful Fate 3/20/2009
17. Someone To Save Me 3/21/2009
18. Falling 3/22/2009

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The rain falls down
and tonight
I find myself alone
a cup of coffee
to keep me awake
just incase you
decide to come back home
but, I'm not sure
paper and pen
in my other hand
words I wish
I could say outloud
but it's easier this way
to write what I feel
to afraid to say outloud
Something to mend
my broken heart
still the rain falls
as a soothing melody
I wait for hours
until I finally give up
the fight to stay awake
dreaming of you
as I fall to sleep

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Someone To Save Me

I sit here
with a bottle of Bacardi
in my hand
as the sky turns dark
I don't know why
I put my trust in people
I know I shouldn't
I trust too easy
and it hurts me

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