Heather Cropper

Rookie (4/29/93 / Kingman, AZ)

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'It's a gift to be able to look past all the flaws, mistakes, and failures in your life. It is a gift to be able to smile when you know that nothing is going right and no matter how hard you try or how many angles you manage to see, nothing seems good.

Those kind of people are few and far between but they are out there. Sitting, waiting patiently. Hands clasped, mouth shut, eyes watching, waiting for their moment to shine; waiting for their moment to work a miracle in some heartbroken, depressed, hopeless humans life. Though they stand silent, they are out there. They see beauty in the small creations and treasure in the simple dreams. They can smile in the middle of their tears and cry from laughter.

The most intelligent people are silent, while the ignorant yell and proclaim their name and place. Though many people claim their respect, loyalty, and faithfulness toward others; very few are able to follow through.

The truth is: It is a gift to see beauty in faulter and it is rare to see love in a heartbreak; yet those people are out there, reaching out, silently, saving lives; while others are wasting away unaware that they are actually destroying relationships, friendships, and possible lives.

You can be the person to help others, reach out, know your own troubles and risk it all just to see that smile appear on their significant little face; or you can be the drawnback person, sitting back, watching people fall, laughing as they stumble and walking over them as if you never saw a thing.

It's all a choice<3'

-by Nikol Rochelle

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Shaking in fear,
drowning in tears.
Faking her smile,
can't hold it for awile.

Lies after lies,
not wanting to try.
More fake than before,
can't take it anymore.

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