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Heather Hooper Poems

1. For The Man That I Love 2/13/2007
2. I Love Him 2/13/2007
3. Atrox 2/16/2007
4. Questions 2/16/2007
5. Nefandus 2/16/2007
6. Come To Me 2/16/2007
7. Hold Me 2/16/2007
8. Jesus 3/2/2007
9. I Thought Wrong 3/29/2007
10. Friends 3/31/2007
11. Untitled 4/2/2007
12. Your My Everything 2/13/2007
13. The Monster 10/21/2011
14. Watching You 10/21/2011
15. Angel's Eyes 10/21/2011
16. My Love For You 10/21/2011
17. Her / She 10/21/2011
18. Conflicted 10/21/2011
19. Rest In Peace Randy 10/21/2011
20. Dark Powers 10/21/2011
21. Still Remember 10/21/2011
22. Anyone Else 6/15/2012
23. Cupids Choke Hold (Not Song) 7/12/2007
24. My Wish 10/21/2011
25. My Diary 10/21/2011
26. Savior 10/21/2011
27. Summer Storm 10/21/2011
28. Forbidden Love 2/13/2007
29. Fairy Tale Ending 3/2/2007
30. Seasons 10/21/2011
31. Maybe 2/20/2007
32. I Want To Kiss Him In The Rian 2/16/2007
33. One Night/Prom 5/16/2007

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One Night/Prom

For one night, I'm a princess
For one night, I wear that pretty dress.
For one night, I step into the glass slippers.
My hair and make-up is done, for just one night.
I float on cloud nine, for just one night.
For one night, the limo is for me.
The corsage on my wrist, and the kiss on my cheek is only for tonight.
For this one night, I am special for the first time.
For one night he tells me he loves me.
For one night, we dance close and love each other.
Just one night I pretend that this will last forever.
And when this one night is over, and the magic is...

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Forbidden Love

The one day you first kissed me.
I couldn't get you lips off my mind.
So sweet your kiss.
The thought of you lips and tongue pressing against mine, something I couldn't get away from. Your arms so warm and protecting.
You don't know how I feel, I can no longer feel this way.
You’re not mine, it hurts so bad.
The way she talks about you, I know how she feels now.
Words can't describe how I feel about you. I love you....

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