Heather Marie Allens

Rookie (Spokane, WA)

Biography of Heather Marie Allens

Heather's family said they'd support her, whatever she wanted to do. But when she wanted to follow her dreams, they did not come through. They were so much more worried with how she did at school, all A's and a B wasn't good enough. Not for them. Not for anyone.

Heather had friends, tons of friends. They said they loved her and would stick with her till time ends. But when she made a mistake, the friends went away. Heather wasn't happy anymore. Not happy enough for friends. Not happy enough for anyone.

A boy once told Heather he loved her. She believed him, that silly girl. She trusted him, she loved him, she gave him all she had. But it wasn't enough. Not for him. Not for anyone.

Heather wears her plastic smile so no one suspects that Heather isn't okay, but they'd know if they checked. So fake laughs and real lies cover for her hidden tears and secret scars. Heather writes, for it is all that can't let her down. It won't hurt her like the others who kick her to the ground.

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No Other

No other name would i want next to mine
in the heart i carved in the tree
Because no one else could hold me so tight
to make me feel so free

No other hand in the world could hold mine
and make my heart soar
No other face would i rather see
when i open my front door

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