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Charles Monroe 29 December 2013

I want to be remembered someday as someone's elder But will such status ever be reached From within my unemployed streets of overflowing pretty trash Graffiti scratched across my back I symbolize a percentage on somebody's graph of stats. Young, brown skinned male like a catapult propelled Into Alleys of Aloe spilled Merlot bottles skeletons of rustic autos Silk turquoise bra, empty plastic milk gallons In the land of ghost cannons Tres-Leches cakes melt With the Son's abundant help Wish he'd recognize that wealth All it is is timely health. Self-esteem and prior convictions Often meet in crucifixions Picture villains with some priors Then a company that hires Never have what they'd required, While the streets she's always busy. So strong yet she's always in need of help, She gambles away food-stamps and trades welfare checks For dreams of polite and soothing temporary forgetfulness; But we just need some work. But so do they across the street, They all need and need and need... And sometimes the youngest bleed, For them dreams we've near machined And architect perfected them, have somehow Now been the makers of our doomed nightmares. Graffiti scratched across my back as I surface From within my unemployed streets; I want to be remembered someday as someone's elder But will such status ever be reached. Satan's helpers: Respect thy Elders. P.X 12.30.13

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Valerie Dohren 15 September 2012

Heather is a very prolific and versatile writer whose poems are always a delight to read. She can compose a poem on any subject, often with a touch of humour, which is sure to bring a smile to your face and a warmth in your heart.

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Richard Lackman 29 April 2012

Heather, thanks for your kind comment about children walking in the rain. We would go out on a summer day and stomp about through these great puddles. It was just one of those things only children would love l did just have a chance to read many of your poems and I enjoyed them very much. I had not seen your work before but I will be going back to it frequently. Dick Lackman

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Heather P Wilson Popularity

Heather P Wilson Popularity

A Voice From The Dungeon

I'm buried now; I've done with life;
I've done with hate, revenge and strife;
I've done with joy, and hope and love
And all the bustling world above.
Long have I dwelt forgotten here
In pining woe and dull despair;
This place of solitude and gloom
Must be my dungeon and my tomb.

No hope, no pleasure can I find:
I am grown weary of my mind;
Often in balmy sleep I try
To gain a rest from misery,

And in one hour of calm repose
To find a respite from my woes,
But dreamless sleep is not for me
And I am still in misery.

I dream of liberty, 'tis true,
But then I dream of sorrow too,
Of blood and guilt and horrid woes,
Of tortured friends and happy foes;

I dream about the world, but then
I dream of fiends instead of men;
Each smiling hope so quickly fades
And such a lurid gloom pervades

That world -- that when I wake and see


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