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iam heather i started writing poetry when i was 8 years old ive always loved poetry but i really started writing when my dad died in 2008 and ive been writing ever since ive wrote one book i never published it becuz it was about me and this guy i was in love with and if published it now it would only depress me more so i just havent done it iam not like every other poet i dont write like everyone else no proper english i say ant dont tell my english teacher she would kill me ive had a few ex boyfriends that took my heart and then riped it up now most of my poems are eaither about heart breaks or love my dad died with cancer and my mom is still here and she acts like a teenager my sister lives with her bf and iam alone with friends that dont understand me 3 yell at me for the way i choose things the rest just dont care my family dont understaind so iam basicly alone i read books in my spare time iam not a big text person i prefer talking but when i need to i text alittle i have two dogs a yellow lab named daffy, and a great dane/boxer mixed named reece ive never been to jail i believe in ghost call me crazy but thats just me i also believe in god he takes the good and leaves the bad my whole life is bad but at least iam living i dont believe in wishing i love the dark i love stars, poetry, music, and the world around us it comforts me to sit outside and look at trees and birds most people call me weird but i dont care what people think of me i dont care if you dont like me ur stuck with me so they can just deal with it my life goes crazy when i try and when i dont its not as bad i just think someone out there wants me too be unhappy like they r punishing me for something ive done but i dont know what i did there are things in this world i cant understand there are things i do understand but the things i dont i will learn along the way

i hope you enjoy my poetry i love it and i hope u will too :)

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Forever Yours

to you the days are to long to me the days arent enough to you a week is a year to me a week is a second you never thought i loved you but the truth is i cant live without you iam nothing without you but you seem happy without me no matter how much you hate me i will always be forever your's


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