Hebert Logerie

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Hebert Logerie Poems

561. Los Primeros Días Del Otoño 9/23/2014
562. Los Zombis 2/3/2017
563. Los Zombis No Están Muertos 5/1/2017
564. Lost In Translation 9/3/2016
565. Lost Somewhere Out In Space 8/18/2013
566. L'Oubli 9/5/2014
567. Love Is A Sad And Sorry Chameleon 9/20/2014
568. Love Is Like A Strange Beggar 7/22/2015
569. Love Is Like Mercury 11/18/2016
570. Love Is No Joke, My Darling 9/24/2014
571. Love Is Not Enough 4/12/2016
572. Love Is Perfect 2/8/2014
573. Love Is The Answer 12/17/2012
574. Love Me For The Right Reasons 4/14/2016
575. Love Yourself First 6/12/2014
576. Love Yourselves 3/2/2015
577. Love, Dear Love, I’m Thinking Of You 11/1/2015
578. Love, I Messed Up Tonight 2/2/2017
579. Ma Mère, Amour Et Amie 5/31/2015
580. Ma Plume Pleure (18 Mai 2010) 5/18/2010
581. Ma Sereine Vénus, Je T'Aime Naturellement 10/28/2014
582. Maggio È Il Mese Dell'amore 5/3/2016
583. Mai Est Le Mois Des Mamans 5/4/2016
584. Make Noise To Stop The Brute 10/5/2016
585. Make Your Voice Heard 9/30/2016
586. Malala, An Inspiring Hero 10/19/2012
587. Mama Was The First Audible Word 5/8/2016
588. Mamma È Stata La Prima Parola Intelligibile 5/8/2016
589. Mamour, M’amour, Je Pense A Toi 11/1/2015
590. Man’s Best Friends As Crossing Guards 3/30/2009
591. Many Crooked Cops Are Shooting And Killing 8/22/2014
592. Many Grand Juries Need Eyes And Ears 12/7/2014
593. Marriage, A Ceremonious Celebration 8/24/2012
594. Marriage: A Pompous Celebration 8/23/2012
595. May Is The Month Dedicated To All Mothers 5/6/2016
596. May Is The Month Of Love 5/2/2016
597. Maya, L’oiseau En Cage, S’est Envolée 5/29/2014
598. Maya, The Singing Caged Bird Left Quietly 5/28/2014
599. Maya, You Are Now A Free Bird 5/28/2014
600. Mayo Es El Mes Dedicado A Todas Las Madres 5/6/2016
Best Poem of Hebert Logerie

It Is Your Smile…

Woman, let me demystify you,
So I can see why I love you
So much.
Let me search:
The curves, the preserves,
The gardens and the reserves,
So I can understand
Why every second
That you flash in my memory,
The chemical formula changes in my body.

Turn around;
You're safe and sound.
Let me examine you from head to toes:
Touch your nose,
Cover your cheeks,
Do some tricks,
Try to fake it,
Walk, run, stop and sit.
Oh! I'm beginning to see:
It is your smile
That drives me crazy;
It is your smile
That makes me feel so ...

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Bama, Let Them Criticize

The speech that you made in Germany
Was excellent, astounding and amazing.
Your critics are blinded by bias and by jealousy.
Most of them are still living
Under the old virulent past.
Some racists and sore losers will never change
No matter what non-whites do. At last,
You just emerged and they find strange
That somebody like you can energize and excite

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