Hector Macneill

Hector Macneill Poems

1. Prologue : Written At The Request Of The Managers Of The Public Kitchen At Edinburgh, For The Benefi 10/19/2012
2. Epitaph. Sacred To The Memory Of James Graham, Esq. 10/19/2012
3. The Links O' Forth : Or, A Parting Peep At The Carse O' Sterlin 10/19/2012
4. The Scottish Muse 10/19/2012
5. An Elegy 10/19/2012
6. The Whip, Or, A Touch At The Times. Sent To Miss D. Of Linsted, With A Whip Made Of A Rhinoceros's S 10/19/2012
7. To Mrs. Pleydell, With A Pot Of Honey, During The Ferment Occasioned By The Popish Bill Of Toleratio 10/19/2012
8. I Loo'D Ne'Er A Laddie But Ane 10/19/2012
9. The Wee Thing : Or, Mary Of Castle-Cary. A Ballad 10/19/2012
10. Come Under My Plaidie ; Or, Modern Marriage Delineated 10/19/2012
11. To Robert Graham, Esq. Of Gartmore 10/19/2012
12. To Miss Jean And Miss Isabella Monro, With Two Bottles Of The Otta Of Roses 10/19/2012
13. To The Members Of The Sober Society; Sent To The Same With An Engraving 10/19/2012
14. To Eliza On Her Marriage 10/19/2012
15. The Waes O' War : Or The Upshot Of The History O' Will And Jean 10/19/2012
16. To A Young Lady, With A Bottle Of Irish Usquebaugh 10/19/2012
17. To Get A Man 10/19/2012
18. To J. W. On His Birth Day. A Dialogue Between Seventy Two And Twenty Seven 10/19/2012
19. The Plaid Amang The Hether 10/19/2012
20. The Rose O' Kirtle 10/19/2012
21. Valour Shields The Brave 10/19/2012
22. There's Nought I See, To Fear No 10/19/2012
23. Mary Of Castlecary 10/19/2012
24. May-Day ; Or, The Discovery. A Pastoral. In The Manner Of Cunningham 10/19/2012
25. On The Death Of David Doig, Ll. D. Master Of The Grammar School, Stirling 10/19/2012
26. My Boy, Tamm 10/19/2012
27. The Pastoral, Or Lyric Muse Of Scotland 10/19/2012
28. The Pleasures Of Amibition : Or, Une Reverie A La Corse, 1804. On An Imperial Coronation By Hector Macneill 10/19/2012
29. The Auld Wife's Lament 10/19/2012
30. On The Death Of Lieut. Gen. Sir Ralph Abercromby. Killed At The Battle Of Alexandria, In Egypt, Marc 10/19/2012
31. Mally Aiken, An Old Song Revived 10/19/2012
32. Lassie Wi' The Gowden Hair 10/19/2012
33. The Harp. A Legendary Tale. In Two Parts 10/19/2012
34. Dinna Think, Bonnie Lassie 10/19/2012
35. O Johnie! Can You Pity Ony 10/19/2012
36. O Tell Me How For To Woo 10/19/2012
37. The Pastoral, Or Lyric Muse Of Scotland. Canto Third. Dornock Ha' 10/19/2012
38. Jack And Nancy. A Sea Song 10/19/2012
39. The Lammie 10/19/2012
40. Tak Tent And Be Wary 10/19/2012

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On Admiral Lord Nelson's Sending In The Hour Of Victory, A Flag Of Truce To Stop The Further Effusi

Again the tide of rapture swells;
Britannia sees new trophies rise;
Again the trump of vict'ry tells
That with the brave compassion lies!

In vain the carnage of the field!
In vain the conquest of the main!
The brave may bleed - the brave may yield,
'Tis Mercy binds the brave again!

True to the dictates of the heart
That melts to pity's godlike glow,
Humanity arrests the dart,
Half wing'd, to lay the vanquish'd low;

Swift through the battle's thund'ring storm;
See! deck'd in smiles she takes her stand;
Assumes her Nelson's fav'rite ...

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To Get A Man

This warld is a lottery, as ilk ane may ken;
There are prizes for women as weel as for men:
But as far as my faither and mither can see,
Though the're prizes for some, there aye blanks for me!

Though black, I'm comely; my een's like a slae!
Odd! I'm sure they're far better than een that are grey?
Yet the lads they court Katey as fast as they can,
While my father aye tells me - I'll never get a man.

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