Helen C Capan

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Biography of Helen C Capan

Singer/songwriter, author, publisher, and speaker, Helen captures the essence of love and freedom which are both keys to expansion and growth. Anyone who has had experience with love addiction, alcoholism, or dependency of any sort would hear the messages at the core of Helen's works.

Please send me an email every time you read of my poems, especially if you are reading it for the 50th time! I hope you find favorites here that make you come back again and again. Send email to: hccapan@yahoo.com

Helen C Capan's Works:

Heart Matters: A Special Collection of Poems by Helen C. Capan, Virginia Pines Press 2005

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Of money, credit, or coin
for giving, getting, or guarding
the Coldness of the heart.

Of fam’ly, lovers, or friends
forgiving, stealing, or keeping
the Openness of the heart.

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