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Helen C Capan Poems

1. You 5/5/2006
2. You Against Me 5/5/2006
3. Price Of Freedom: Dealing With The 'Can' 10/31/2006
4. If I Could Write A Song For You 10/31/2006
5. Believe, My Child 10/31/2006
6. How Do We Get There From Here? 10/31/2006
7. Collections 3/18/2007
8. Witnesses 3/18/2007
9. Day Of Deliverance 3/18/2007
10. At War With Love (But I’m Losin’ Ground) 3/18/2007
11. A Way 4/6/2008
12. The Long Way Home 5/4/2008
13. Teach Me To Grow 5/4/2008
14. The Flower, The Tower, The Power 5/4/2008
15. Sleep 5/4/2008
16. U P R I G H T 5/4/2008
17. The Clearing 5/4/2008
18. Capitol Punishment — Bans, Tax Cuts 5/4/2008
19. I Thought The Darkness Would Be Cold 5/4/2008
20. Splits 5/5/2008
21. A White And Green Dream 4/18/2009
22. From Sofa To Chair: Communion Of Old Souls 5/1/2009
23. Windblown Caress 8/22/2009
24. Fading Cherishment 8/23/2009
25. Their Worlds Collapse 8/23/2009
26. The Effort Of The Wayward Strand 11/7/2009
27. The Sage And Fool Alike Agree 7/26/2010
28. A Good Night 3/18/2007
29. Without Embrace 3/18/2007
30. If....Knowing Then What I Know Now 3/18/2007
31. The Diamond's Gleam 3/18/2007
32. Gray Clouds 3/18/2007
33. My Heart's A Fast Talker 5/4/2008
34. The Master’s Touch 3/18/2007
35. Phone And Phone 3/18/2007
36. The Place Where We Met 3/18/2007
37. The Muddy Path 5/4/2008

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Best Poem of Helen C Capan

The Muddy Path

The path I walk is a muddy one,
Far from the congested highway,
Without green signs and the flashing lights,
It’s charm lies within its few stones.

The stones most common yet seldom seen
By drivers of flashy, fast cars,
Have tales to tell of the days of yore
When girls upon horses kissed boys.

The mysterious lack of its stones,
A clue to a change in ways,
A whisper caught by the naked eye,
Confirms that men love their high speeds.

Author’s Comments:
”Muddy paths are not always unbearable to walk.”

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Believe, My Child

It's not right!
It's not fair!
Did You see
what happened there?
Did You see, Lord?
Did You see?

In poisonous poise
They came to me;

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