Helen Gray Cone

(1859-1934 / United States)

Helen Gray Cone Poems

41. Sonnet: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 4/22/2010
42. To-Day 1/4/2003
43. Madonna Pia 4/22/2010
44. A Resurrection 4/22/2010
45. Arraignment 4/22/2010
46. A Fairy Tale 4/22/2010
47. The Arrowmaker 4/22/2010
48. A Memory 4/22/2010
49. The Dandelions 4/22/2010

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Best Poem of Helen Gray Cone

The Dandelions

Upon a showery night and still,
Without a sound of warning,
A trooper band surprised the hill,
And held it in the morning.

We were not waked by bugle-notes,
No cheer our dreams invaded,
And yet, at dawn, their yellow coats
On the green slopes paraded.

We careless folk the deed forgot;
Till one day, idly walking,
We marked upon the self-same spot
A crowd of veterans talking.

They shook their trembling heads and gray
With pride and noiseless laughter;
When, well-a-day! they blew away,
And ne'er were heard of after!

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Voice, with what emulous fire thou singest free hearts of old fashion,
English scorners of Spain, sweeping the blue sea-way,
Sing me the daring of life for life, the magnanimous passion
Of man for man in the mean populous streets of To-day!

Hand, with what color and power thou couldst show, in the ring hot-sanded,
Brown Bestiarius holding the lean tawn tiger at bay,
Paint me the wrestle of Toil with the wild-beast Want, bare-handed;
Shadow me forth a soul steadily facing To-day!

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