Helen Warren

Rookie (22 july / canberra)

Helen Warren Poems

1. Invades 5/27/2009
2. Sink 5/27/2009
3. Jim's Song 5/27/2009
4. Real World 5/27/2009
5. Filtered 5/27/2009
6. Once Truly Sheltered Me 5/27/2009
7. Cigarette Lighter (Old Lyric) 5/27/2009
8. Honey 5/27/2009
9. In Memory Of Leanne And Patricia 5/27/2009
10. Sentence 5/27/2009
11. Upon The Hand 5/27/2009
12. To Be Told... 5/27/2009
13. Never Could 5/27/2009
14. Some... 5/27/2009
15. Heres Your Dedication! ! ! 5/27/2009
16. Thorns 5/27/2009
17. Smoking In The Darkness 5/27/2009
18. Henry 5/27/2009
19. Uncover 5/27/2009
20. Coward 5/27/2009
21. Sunset 5/27/2009
22. Too Small 5/30/2009
23. Changed 6/6/2009
24. Kc's Office? 6/10/2009
25. Weak 5/27/2009
26. Just Like You 5/27/2009
27. Tony Abbott's Invitation 5/27/2009

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Tony Abbott's Invitation

Politician Tony Abbott in the paper crying poor
Saying his family can't take the effects of his pay cut anymore
He still earns more in one day than I do in 26 weeks
Doesn't he think of our farmers while his gives this 'poverty' speech?
His concept of poverty reads like a comedy
Can't he hear his arrogance as he's speaking?
His 'poverty' to others is the life of a king
I invite Tony Abbott to come and live on my pay
He wouldn't survive 'till the end of Monday
Come and see what an empty fridge means
Learn a baked meal is just a can of baked beans
Come be ...

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Don't want to drown
But I don't want to breathe
It pulls me down
But I let it
Lose myself in the beauty of the sea
Run out of oxygen gradually

My lungs are full
But I'm breathless

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