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Hello World Poems

1. Stay Or Go 1/22/2008
2. Come Home 1/22/2008
3. Final Goodbyes 1/22/2008
4. Let It Be 1/22/2008
5. Giving Up 1/22/2008
6. Love Tank 1/22/2008
7. Let Me Love You 1/22/2008
8. Getting Over U 1/22/2008
9. Different 1/24/2008
10. Black Or White 1/24/2008
11. Forgive Me 1/28/2008
12. Do U 1/31/2008
13. U Brighten Up My Day 1/31/2008
14. I Need You 1/12/2008
15. Boy 1/20/2008
16. No More 1/22/2008
17. He Was Into Her As Death Was Into Sea 1/31/2008
18. Aundy 1/31/2008
19. Fate 1/31/2008
20. Go 5/9/2008
21. Too Young 5/30/2008
22. Unconditional Love 5/30/2008
23. Tour Ends 5/30/2008
24. Inside Of Me 5/30/2008
25. Innocence 5/30/2008
26. ~ Myspace Fan ~ 8/17/2008
27. In Love 1/22/2008
28. Another Day Goes By 3/13/2008
29. More Than My Everything 8/17/2008
30. No Goodbyes 9/26/2008
31. I Am A Child Of... 10/31/2008
32. ~all By Myself~ 9/20/2009
33. I Remember 11/1/2009
34. Need Help 11/1/2009
35. In Love With The Past 12/9/2010
36. Coming Back 12/9/2010
37. Pray For Your Daddy Girl 1/22/2009
38. Distance 4/2/2008
39. What Would U Do 1/22/2008
40. Mess Up 8/17/2008

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Drug Dealer (Part 1)

On this block 24 hours a day
Selling this shit so I can make a way
Out of this life and into a new
What's on the other side I don't have a clue
Drugs kill people faster then guns
Rolling those blunts
Watching the po po as they go on their drug hunts
Running day after day
Had a thought to myself
I gotta make a way
Too much on my mind
Any day now can be my time
But I go around pretending it's all fine
How can I get out of this life
How can I make it all right
Everyday I have to fight

(At Night)

Alone in the dark he comes up to ...

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No More

No more can I lie to the one who loves me the most
I feel guilty more and more when you hold me close
When I look in your eyes I see an innocence that can do no wrong
I wonder If I tell you will that feeling be gone
We all make mistakes yet I do them over and yet again
If I tell you will this relationship end?
The more lies I tell deeper I feel that I I'm being pull in a hole
Me cheating on you I feel weak down to my soul
Please don't be mad at me when this secret hit the fan

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