Heloise Cruse

Biography of Heloise Cruse

Heloise Bowles Cruse (born Eloise Bowles, May 14, 1919 - Dec 28, 1977) was the original author of the popular syndicated newspaper column "Hints from Heloise."

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Bowles married Marshal (Mike) Holman Cruse, a US Air Force Captain (later Colonel) in 1946. Their daughter Ponce Kiah Marchelle Heloise Cruse, born in 1951, is the current "Heloise."

The original column was first published in the Honolulu Advertiser as "Readers' Exchange" in 1959. In 1961, King Features syndicated it as "Hints from Heloise,"; nearly 600 newspapers carried the column, and, at the time of her death, it was one of three most popular (in terms of syndication) in the United States.

Her book Heloise's Housekeeping Hints was, at half a million copies total, one of the top 10 selling hardcover books in 1963. The book later became the fastest selling paperback in the history of its publisher Pocket Books.

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