DailyPoems Bulletin

The DailyPoems bulletins are a free service provided by PoemHunter.Com. When you subscribe to these bulletins, they are sent to your e-mail account every morning.

There are three options for the daily e-mail list:

  • Daily Classical Poems email list: sends a classic poem of the day
  • Daily Modern Poems email list: sends a contemporary poet's poem of the day
  • Daily Members Poems email list: sends a Poemhunter member's poem of the day

Each will be sent to your adress every day. You can choose all of them or just one.

If you wish to start the day with a nice poem every morning subscribe to the DailyPoems bulletin.

It is absolutely free.

How can I subscribe to the DailyPoems bulletin?

To subscribe to the bulletin, write your e-mail address in the subscription form that is found on the main page and many other pages.

To subscribe, you don't have to submit any other information other than your e-mail address.

If you are a registered member of PoemHunter.Com, you can also use the MyProfile To subscribe, you don't have to submit any other information other than your e-mail address.

How can I cancel my subscription to DailyPoems?

If you wish to unsubscribe from DailyPoems for any reason, you can use the same Subscribe/Unsubscribe form. This form is located on the main. What you have to do is to write your e-mail address to this form and select the "unsubscribe" option.

Are e-mail messages other than poems sent to the subscribers of DailyPoems bulletin?

Absolutely not. We only send poems to the subscribers of the bulletin.

We ABSOLUTELY do not share the list of our subscribers with other individuals or institutions, or provide it for their usage.

How can I change my e-mail address registered for the bulletin?

If the e-mail address that you registered for the DailyPoems has changed (or if you wish to have the poems sent to another e-mail addresses) please, remove your old e-mail address from the list, add your new e-mail address by using the same form.

Can I subscribe my friend to the DailyPoems bulletin?

A person has to decide himself/herself whether to subscribe to a bulletin or not. Therefore, you have to leave the decision to subscribe to DailyPoems bulletin, to your friend.

If you have enjoyed the bulletin and believe that your friend will also do so, rather than directly subscribing your friend's e-mail to the bulletin, send him a message informing about the bulletin.

How is the "Poem of the Day" that is sent with the DailyPoems bulletin chosen?

We consider the general appreciation of people when choosing the poem of the day. In this sense, tendencies of tens of thousands of people who are visiting our site every day are a guiding factor.

Another matter that we consider when choosing the poem of the day is, whether there is a copyright problem about the poem that will be selected and distributed via e-mail. (Please click here to read our policy concerning copyright).

Can I suggest poems for distribution with the DailyPoems bulletin?

Of course you can. If you believe that a poem you have enjoyed is worth being the "Poem of the Day" and being distributed to thousands of people via e-mail., inform us about it using the Contact Us page.

Where can I find the poems that were distributed with the previous DailyPoems bulletins?

To see the poems distributed with DailyPoems bulletin, visit the "Poem of the Day" page.