My Friends

What is my "My Friends" page?

Your "My Friends" page is the page where you see everyone you have selected as a friend. On this page you will see their usernames, both of which link to their profiles. If particular friends are online, their names will be highlighted to alert you.

What exactly are "friends?"

Friends are simply other users you've chosen to add to your "My Friends" list. They show up in your messaging address book.

How do I add a friend to my "Friends" list?

After logging into the site, go to a user's profile and then click the "Add to friends" button. This user will now be on your "Friends" list.

How do I take someone off my "Friends" list?

After logging into the site, go to the corresponding user's profile by clicking their username and then click the "Remove Friend" button. That user will no longer appear on your "Friends" list.