My Messages

How do I send, read, or delete messages?

You will be notified of new and unread messages when you login to your account. You can read, compose, reply to and delete messages by going to your Member Area – Inbox and Outbox.

What are messages used for?

Messages allow registered users to exchange brief comments. They're not meant for lengthy discussions and do not serve as e-mail.

Can I send a message to more than one person at a time?

No. You can't add multiple recipients to messages.

Can everyone send a message to me?

When joining in activities or exchanging messages, you can add some members to your private "MyFriends" list and reach them easier.

Moreover, you can prevent those persons who are not included in your MyFriends list to send you messages by changing your settings in MyProfile page.

Can I block messages from certain people?

You can block individual users, which will prevent them from sending you messages. To block a user, visit his/her profile page and click [message to the poet] or open a message from that user and add the user to your "Banned Members" list on the middle right of the page.

How do I unban someone?

Visit the Member Area – Banned Members tab and select the users you want to remove from your banned members list and press the "Remove Checked Members" button.

I don't want to receive e-mail notification of new messages. How do I turn this feature off?

Go to Member Area and click "My Profile" link. Go to "Do you allow other PoemHunter.Com members to send you messages?" on the bottom of the page and select one of the options.

All members: Allow all members to send me messages.
My Friends Only: Allow only the members in my "MyFriends" list to send me messages, do not allow other members to send me messages.
Nobody: I don't want any member to send me messages.

Why am I not getting e-mail notification of new messages? I have them turned on.

They may have gotten caught in your e-mail's spam filter. Check your junk mail or spam folder.