My Favorite Poems

What is my "My Favorite Poems" page?

MyFavoritePoems is a private list composed of the poems you have enjoyed and marked while surfing PoemHunter.Com. With this list, you can easily find the poems you wish to read later on among tens of thousands of poems.

How do I add content to my "Favorites"?

You can add content to your favorites by clicking the "Add to My Favorites" link that you see on a poem/lyrics display page. You must be logged in to add content to your favorites. When you click this link as a logged-in user, that content will be added to your favorites.

How do I remove content from my "Favorites"?

Go to your My Favorite Poems page and click the "Remove" link next to the piece of content you wish to remove.

Can I Publish Poems in Other Areas?

Poemhunter does NOT have the right to let you do this. Please contact the owner of the poem which you want to use. If the poet is a member of you can contact them via our site; simply click on the "Send a Message" link on the poet's page.

A password is requested when I try to add a poem to MyFavoritePoems

You have to be a member of PoemHunter.Com in order to be able to form a MyFavoritePoems list.