Hemendra Singh Deopa

Veteran Poet - 1,144 Points [Supertramp] (Pithoragarh)

Hemendra Singh Deopa Poems

1. Reflection To Life 2/28/2013
2. O Traveler! 8/7/2015
3. Irony Of Modern Society 8/8/2015
4. Gift Of Life 8/11/2015
5. A Dog Story 8/14/2015
6. Freedom 8/20/2015
7. Seniments 8/30/2015
8. Peace Out 9/19/2015
9. The Way Of Love 9/19/2015
10. A Room With A View 10/25/2015
11. I Used To Be A Comedian 11/4/2015
12. How To Be The Perfect Me! 11/28/2015
13. Sometimes Life Is Calm 12/20/2015
14. Love To Me 1/9/2016
15. Lost In The Haze 2/7/2016
16. Saving Innocence 6/29/2016
17. Moments 10/21/2016
18. A Worthy Life 12/6/2015
19. Manjhi ~ The Mountain Man 8/22/2015
20. Something Like Love 8/20/2015
21. Why Should We Fight 8/12/2015
22. Photographs 8/7/2015
23. Green Pasture 8/6/2015
24. I Wish It To Be True 8/6/2015
25. Sunshine 8/6/2015
26. A Beautiful Dream 8/6/2015
27. A Beautiful Mind 7/1/2018
28. Affection 8/8/2015

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Cheerful as Unchained calf
As flying happy bee honey
As the wind that knows no directions
To be bound to flow.
My heart pounds
As you gaze into my eyes
To say the words unspoken
and leaves me in awe of
the wanderlust of a beautiful time
Or it just another blank...
For life offers many blanks
Along with many chapters filled with,
fondness, ferocity, affection, contempt,
dreams and aspirations.
I step out to begin
Journey of a lifetime.
A journey that comes with it's
twists and turns.
I forward my hand for your approbation.
I ...

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I Wish It To Be True

I wish it to be true.
I wish the mankind was kind enough to each men and women.
I wish the earth does stay green and young as it was forever.
I wish the world was one and we were it's only citizen.
I wish greed wasn't the driving force but it to be the truth.
I wish love wasn't a game but was natural as it occurs.
I wish the differences were not so real, when the common goal is peace and happiness and no betrayal.
I wish we can choose the good against the bad and I wish we can see both s

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