Henry Alford

(1810-1871 / England)

Henry Alford Poems

41. Palinode To The Foregoing. 4/19/2010
42. Peace. 4/19/2010
43. Portsmouth, 1830 4/19/2010
44. Psalm Cxxxvii. 4/19/2010
45. Psalm Xlvi. 4/19/2010
46. Rydal Mount 4/19/2010
47. Sonnet Lxxxix. 4/19/2010
48. Sonnet C. In Dreamy Days Of Boyhood And Of Youth 4/19/2010
49. Sonnet Ci. Our Early Friends. 4/19/2010
50. Sonnet I. If Thou Wouldst Find What Holiest Men Have Sought 4/19/2010
51. Sonnet Ii. Weep Ye And Howl, For That Ye Did Refuse 4/19/2010
52. Sonnet Iii. But Deck The Board;--For Hither Comes A Band 4/19/2010
53. Sonnet Iv. Out, Palsied Soul, That Dost But Tremble Ever 4/19/2010
54. Sonnet Ix. To The Author Of The 4/19/2010
55. Sonnet Li. Close Is The Nook; The Valley--Pathway Steep 4/19/2010
56. Sonnet Lii. To The Yellow Cistus. 4/19/2010
57. Sonnet Liii. Haddon Hall, Derbyshire. 4/19/2010
58. Sonnet Liv. Stratford-Upon-Avon 4/19/2010
59. Sonnet Lix. Written At Ampton, Suffolk, January 1838. 4/19/2010
60. Sonnet Lv. St. Robert’s Cave, Knaresborough. 4/19/2010
61. Sonnet Lvi.Written At York On The Day Of The Coronation Of Queen Viotoria, June 28, 1838. 4/19/2010
62. Sonnet Lvii. Summit Of Skiddaw, July 7, 1838. 4/19/2010
63. Sonnet Lviii. Descent Of The Same. 4/19/2010
64. Sonnet Lx. Wymeswold, April 1837. 4/19/2010
65. Sonnet Lxi. The Same. 4/19/2010
66. Sonnet Lxii. Of Ostende, June 11, 1837. 4/19/2010
67. Sonnet Lxiii. Bruges. 4/19/2010
68. Sonnet Lxiv. Written At Ghent. 4/19/2010
69. Sonnet Lxix. To Alice In England. Also Written In Frankfort. 4/19/2010
70. Sonnet Lxv. Antwep Cathedral. 4/19/2010
71. Sonnet Lxvi. Brussels 4/19/2010
72. Sonnet Lxvii. Waterloo. 4/19/2010
73. Sonnet Lxviiiwritten At Frankfort. 4/19/2010
74. Sonnet Lxx. Milan Cathedral. 4/19/2010
75. Sonnet Lxxii. Spring, When Young Flowers Peep, But The Frost Nippeth Keen. 4/19/2010
76. Sonnet Lxxiii. Summer, When The Prime Is Reached, But There Are Tokens Of Decay. 4/19/2010
77. Sonnet Lxxiv. Autumn, Whose Fruits Endure, Though Death Is On It. 4/19/2010
78. Sonnet Lxxvi. Arion. 4/19/2010
79. Sonnet Lxxviii. Friend Of My Heart, Here In My Close Green Bower 4/19/2010
80. Sonnet Lxxx. My Ancestors. 4/19/2010

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Best Poem of Henry Alford

You And I

My hand is lonely for your clasping, dear;
My ear is tired waiting for your call.
I want your strength to help, your laugh to cheer;
Heart, soul and senses need you, one and all.
I droop without your full, frank sympathy;
We ought to be together - you and I;
We want each other so, to comprehend
The dream, the hope, things planned, or seen, or wrought.
Companion, comforter and guide and friend,
As much as love asks love, does thought ask thought.
Life is so short, so fast the lone hours fly,
We ought to be together, you and I.

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The cowslip standeth in the grass,
The primrose in the budding grove
Hath laid her pale fair breast
On the green sward to rest:
The vapours that cease not to rove
Athwart the blue sky, fleet and pass,
And ever o'er the golden sun
Their shadows run.

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