Henry Alford

(1810-1871 / England)

Henry Alford Poems

161. The Seasons: A Masque. As Represented By Father Christmas And His Attendants 4/20/2010
162. To A Beautiful Female Portrait 4/20/2010
163. To A Drop Of Dew. 4/20/2010
164. To A Moonbeam By Our Fireside. 4/20/2010
165. To A Mountain Stream. 4/20/2010
166. To Alice, Mary, Ambrose, And Clement. 4/20/2010
167. To The River Wye 4/20/2010
168. To The Stream In Worthy Dell, Near Porlock 4/20/2010
169. To--Morrow. 4/20/2010
170. Two Fragments 4/20/2010
171. Under A Portrait Of Nelson 4/20/2010
172. Wednesday In Easter Week, 1844 4/20/2010
173. Winter 4/20/2010
174. Written During An Aurora Borealis, January 7, 1831 4/20/2010
175. Written In A Copy Of 4/20/2010
176. Written In Aid Of The Leicester Lunatic Asylum. 4/20/2010
177. Written In An Artificial Pleasure-Ground 4/20/2010
178. Written January 1, 1832. 4/20/2010
179. Written On Christmas Eve, 1836 4/20/2010
180. Written On The Day Of General Thanksgiving, April 14, 1833 4/20/2010
181. Written Under A Water-Colour Sketch Of Belidden Cove, Cornwall, Taken From A Ledge Of Rock In Penolver Head, July 1860 4/20/2010
182. Xli. In Laudem S. Eulaliae V. Et M 4/20/2010
183. Hymn To The Sun 4/19/2010
184. In A Letter From Scotland 4/19/2010
185. Inscription For A Block Of Granite On The Surface Of The Mer De Glace. 4/19/2010
186. Inscription. For The Ruin Of A Villiage Cross, Hathern, Leicestershire. 4/19/2010
187. Sonnet Vi. Oh, What Doth It Avail, In Busy Care 4/19/2010
188. Sonnet Written At A Distance From Home 4/19/2010
189. Sonnet X. To Mary 4/19/2010
190. Sonnet Xc. 4/19/2010
191. Sonnet Xc. 4/19/2010
192. Sonnet Xvii. An Evening In Autumn, Near Nether Stowey, Somerset. 4/19/2010
193. Sonnet Xviii. Culbone, Or Kintore, Somerset. 4/19/2010
194. Sonnet Xx. Waters—meet, Linn, Devon 4/19/2010
195. Sonnet Xxi. Sacred To The Memory Of Edward Spedding, Who Died September 3, 1832. 4/19/2010
196. Sonnet Xxii. The Dying Bed 4/19/2010
197. Sonnet Xxiii. The Death—chamber. 4/19/2010
198. Sonnet Xxiv. The Same 4/19/2010
199. Sonnet Xxix. 4/19/2010
200. Sonnet Xxix. To Charles Merivale 4/19/2010

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Best Poem of Henry Alford

You And I

My hand is lonely for your clasping, dear;
My ear is tired waiting for your call.
I want your strength to help, your laugh to cheer;
Heart, soul and senses need you, one and all.
I droop without your full, frank sympathy;
We ought to be together - you and I;
We want each other so, to comprehend
The dream, the hope, things planned, or seen, or wrought.
Companion, comforter and guide and friend,
As much as love asks love, does thought ask thought.
Life is so short, so fast the lone hours fly,
We ought to be together, you and I.

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Thou child of Man, fall down
With contrite heart and low;
Inheritor by fleshly birth
Of exile, death, and woe.

Thou child of Man, rejoice!
The righteous One hath died:
Behold by faith thy seals of Love,
His hands, His feet, His side!

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