Henry Carey Poems

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Sally In Our Alley

OF all the girls that are so smart
There's none like pretty Sally;
She is the darling of my heart,
And she lives in our alley.

An Honest Yorkshireman

I is i' truth a coontry youth,
Nean used to Lunnon fashions;
Yet vartue guides, an' still presides

God Save The King

GOD save our gracious King,
Long live our noble King,
God save the King! Send him victorious,
Happy and glorious,

Ode To Eloquence

Heard ye those loud-contending waves,
That shook Cecropia's pillar'd state?
Saw ye the mighty, from their graves,

A Maiden's Ideal Husband

Genteel in personage,
Conduct, and equipage,
Noble by heritage,
Generous and free:

The Distracted Lover

I go to the Elysian shade
Where sorrow ne'er shall wound me;
Where nothing shall my rest invade,
But joy shall still surround me.

OH ! lead me where my Darling lies,
Cold as the Marble Stone;
I will recall her with my Cries,
And wake her with my Moan.

Namby Pamby

All ye Poets of the Age!
All ye Witlings of the Stage!
Learn your Jingles to reform!
Crop your Numbers and Conform:

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