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Arise Yet Again

Awareness yet small and fragile riding on the shallow waters of the stream NOW in the gorge of the valley of the PRESENT between the steep and precipitous cliffs of the mountains of unknown called PAST and FUTURE in the vehicle of life that upholds all seeing the way forward toward a broadening vision of the coming gentle rolling hills that extend toward the distant horizon as this ever widening stream becomes a vast and deepening broad river formed while the mountains of the unknown erode into the sure knowledge of understanding in being value of life and all its expressions that yet still uphold and sustain as slowly all become one with the great ocean of peace and tranquility as this blending of all takes its course of leaving individual samsara behind, yet staying ever fuller till all is rejoined into the one great being ocean from which we together arise yet again to form the cloud to form the rain to form the stream in the cycle we call living beings.

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