Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Melbourne Cup

I love that hat, it gives some shade
to mammaries on this cute maid.
The melbourne Cup is once a year,
most visitors drink wine and beer.

Southern Comfort

In Mississippi, on a bus.
It was the heat of summer.
A white man stood, began to cuss,
he said: 'This is a bummer.'

Needful Things

And I agree, which makes a we
who stand with heads held high,
to those who'd make the poets flee
because of choice in words, do try


There once was a girl with ambition
who embarked on a difficult mission,
she was crooked and dumb
and as strange as they come

God The Creator (Haiku)

God has created
a masterpiece, the human,
to be cremated.

A Trojan Horse

He was the first to climb inside,
a trap door just beneath the tail,
only skinny warriors apply,
though all, even the fat ones

Happy Birthday To My Favourite Pilot

All birds and bees
and things with wings
drift in the breeze
as Nature sings.


The swordfish swam
straight toward the dam.
In thick plankton got caught
he had never quite thought

Mind Your Language

Are you, please pardon my audacity, I ask
a serviceman who keeps the nation safe from foes?
I offer you a nip or two, come closer, from my flask,
so tell me how it is where war's tornado blows.

Butt Coconuts

A man with a humongous butt
was injured by a coconut.
He'd taken Max the cattle hound
for a short walk across the ground.