Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Ice Gel

She thought of a surprise
for him, and for herself.
The shop was advertising,
half price today, just for today,

God's Will Brings Little Comfort

I felt you there,
my sweet,
and listened to your heart.
A hurried beat

Limerick To Grace The Forum

There once was a vermin named Herrmann,
his uncle was General Sherman.
Said the general 'well,
send these poets to hell

To A Teen

Tom's buddy ran a secret lab,
made funny little pills.
The gift he had was of the gab:
'My uppers cure all ills.'

The Nap

She stretched her legs in the green grass
surrounded by fresh bovine gas
you know, they always chew their cud
and wander through the grass and mud.

Doc Curtis - Dentist Emeritus

He was long retired,
sick of groping and drilling
inside the mouths
of fellow citizens.

Replacing God

At the famous Cleveland Clinic
works a rather nasty cynic.
Name is Nissen, he is sure
that he's found the final cure


His name was Rolf,
Rolfie for all the kids
who teased him, daily
while waiting for the yellow bus.

The Allergic Honeybee

A honeybee, (it was a she)
sat in the Frangipani tree.
She had been told to fly around
just seven metres off the ground

God's Lightning

My horse had bolted at the flash
of lightning, amplified by thunder.
The saddle bags contained the cash
I'd stolen, welcome to Down Under.