Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Tree Giraffe

There once lived a spindly giraffe
it was made of some high-flying stuff
when its legs got arthritis
and his eyes blepharitis

Protective Custody

Yes, I remember still
the longed for moment
in midafternoon,
when eyes could open.


How happy are the cows in grasses green! ! !
A steer who spots a lovely blond-haired cow,
and makes advances when her tail is seen
to wave invitingly.

My Old Schoolmate

A friend from overseas,
one who was half forgotten,
came for a visit just today,
to reminisce and see koalas.


They said that she was old,
her puckered lips reminded
of the sphincter muscle,
all velvety, pursestring, and pale.

Haiku On Fluoridation

Fluoridation is
a preposterous attempt
believed by dummies.

The Dual Priest

And here I am, you thankless whore
I have been with you once before
you may not be the lowest scum
I may not look, to you, the bum.

For Allan Whose Poems Would Buy.............

Some little poems do have legs
just long enough to buy some eggs.
Though for a dozen not enough
So, Allan, do you give a stuff?

Yellow Ribbon

Now my ship comes in
over the horizon.
I've been hiding
in the wild blue yonder,

Naomi Bird

She raised nine children
in that house at Laurel.
An eyesore to the drivers
passing, on their way to Canada,