Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Adam's Apple

I wonder now, should I believe
the old story of Adam and Eve.
Whether apple was breast
on a tree or a chest

Thinking About You

All the cells within my brain
have now caught your virus.
When they think they try in vain
to override desires.


His erotic life in tatters,
begging her on wounded knee.
Cruelly she said it matters,
'size is everything to me'.

Rebirth As Lipstick

If lipstick is your new-found life
you came back in bright red.
And found a job with G'man's wife,
went with her to her bed.

Poets (Haiku)

A poet can turn
to the splendor of his own
innermost sanctum.

Haiku Variety

King Tut was not killed
by assassins from behind.
May have been poisoned.

But For The Grace Of God

God sent his only son
Jesus by name
to save the world
with its abundance of

Healthy Advice

If cellulite adorns your butt
go get yourself a coconut.
If swollen is your thyroid gland
have oil of coconut on hand.

A New Dilemma

She was not happy
to be left, like surplus iron
and promptly visited
the night after the deal.

Happy Marriage

For fifty-seven years
she had believed,
with all her heart,
a zillion fibres of