Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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McCain says a stent will serve well to prevent
sudden death caused by atrial fib,
let us hope that it works as some folks are hell-bent
to vote Caribou Mom (I ad lib) .

Applepie Statistics

Statistics are the favourite tools
of doctors, pharmacists and fools.
But, in addition there are those
who use fine poetry and prose

Koolaid Balloons

She liked the very idea
and I the taste
of KoolAid, grape,
in her innie,

The Bee Sonnet

I was going to write you a sonnet
with much wisdom, both in it and on it.
But while walking near trees
I saw millions of bees

No Lemonade

Well, no, my dear, no lemonade
I'd keep your body in the shade.
And feed you through a yellow straw
eggnog (in which the eggs are raw) ,

Tara's Daisies

It was a silly dream, needless to say.
You died of a small bone stuck in your throat,
all courtesy of a gray snapper, caught offshore.
You were too young, of course and I had plans

We Pretend

Sometimes we do pretend, we lie in other words.
We speak, a mix, a silly blend, we are like flightless birds.
No courage lives within, we are the dull and meek,
unable to stand up and face the demons that we seek.


We placed a camera,
down through the tube
they call esophagus,
and aimed it at her heart.

Bad Times Coming

Bad times are coming, I predict,
we'll suffer as we have been tricked.
Banks crashing, petrol price obscene,
abandoned now the War Machine.

The Land Of Froth

He sought the tide,
with its fine foam,
the ripples in the night
and swam, letting the flow