Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Its And It's - An Iq Test? (By Rachel, My Kindred Spirit)

It's often difficult to see
The much abused apostrophe.
Its key is way off to the side
Sometimes it's NOT there for its ride.


It was still dark.
I stepped
around the stones
until the fragrance of

Mary Had A Little Pig

Mary had a little pig,
she knew that pigs did grunt
the pig was dressed in leaf of fig
it covered her whole c**t.

Komm Lieber Mai....

Komm lieber Mai und mache
die Wiesen wieder gruen.
Dass jede Kuh doch lache
sie muss sich doch so muehn.

A Woman's Place

There really is no gender trap
perhaps a teensie weensie gap,
but one thing needs to be proclaimed
it's once a woman's scorn has aimed

Haiku For 1920

So many poems.
And all do smell of mothballs.
I like lavender.

Ban Them

What a wonderful site
they exclaimed when they saw
how great writing abounds
and the poetry, raw

Kissing Lesson

And don't you move even an inch!
We're getting ready - this is serious.
Don't blink, don't breathe, don't think, don't flinch.
Just stand there Darling, look imperious.

Uh, Uh

I thought I would,
and could.
And should.
But found I don't,

Haiku For Pre-School

The Dutch are pleasant
too bad that those pretenders
are so pathetic.