Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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As Thoughts Float By And See The Way We Are

The softness has,
for many decades since,
stayed in my mind.
A gentle curve

Deleted Poem

The system did not like to see
my fingers hit the wipe-out key.
Delete, it seems is left to those
who have a super-touchy nose.

A Bond?

I asked you to suggest what I could do
to lift your spirits, make your life a fete,
I figured that by now you likely knew
what makes you tick and keeps you in the state.

An Erotic Exchange (From The Langley Files)

T. Asks:

How can you say you're shy
When things you've said to me

Same Time Next Year

I'd sent it to you, longhand mostly,
forgetting that you would prefer
the English version, blow me down,
had spent a week to translate all


I had a dream, a strange and scaringly exotic dream.
On granite steps I sat, awaiting precious mail,
I'd worked on it, that new and crazy scheme,
It could, if God was game, perhaps, prevail.

Our Place

White puffs of steam rose in the valley at the forest's edge
while from the peaks of milky mountains trickled rivulets of wet.
His senses stirred now, he descended to inspect the scruffy hedge
where blue flowers marked the fountain where their destinies had met.

The Fall Of America

McCain, McCain, you are running in vain!
And you are in this national drama,
how hillariously (!) funny and a little insane,
cheer the pigmented warrior Obama.

Haikus - A Small Collection Part B

Poor advice may be
what can be had for pennies.
A real bargain.

For A Most Handsome Weed - Jerry H.

Just two fingers will guide the sharp blade
neither patient nor doc are afraid.
Since the patient is out
like a beached rainbow trout