Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Act Of God

I'm pretty sure, my girl
that your unconscious
and my unconscious
do want to get together.

Environmental Worries

Two lions lounged down by the river,
just finishing their zebra liver.
While chewing still, one lion mentioned
that this noon meal, though well-intentioned,


No, my friends and enemies,
(I do not like that word) ,
this is by no means an appeal
and nothing you have heard

Prove It

'What a nice guy',
were the thoughts
that hung around
my early morning

The Eyes Have It

There was a coldness in her eyes,
though all her words were flowing freely.
'I love you so and never will
abandon you or let you go.'

Manus Mana Lavat

When my favourite Aunt,
you know the name,
had settled back in bed
to rest and contemplate,

The Two Oaks

He was old. Even for an oak tree.
So ancient that he could not remember
which wars had ended one way or else
and when he saw his first belcher of smoke,

Aphrodisiac For The Poet

I found an aphrodisiac
that helps the poet think
so when you find a certain lack
or teet'ring on the brink

A Chip On His Humpback

His father was a gentleman
his mother was a mutt
the offspring is a little man
a gentleman he's not.

Cedar Avenue Bridge

'And would you', said the lovely maiden
in Minnesota's early hours,
where in deep snow moonlight was fading,
'come up and have a drink, your flowers