Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Death Be Proud

When age and all its dried up masters
have finally caught up with you,
though you're not ready for disasters,
'is this seat ta...how do you do? '

One Night Stand

A flower, young and pretty pink
stood where a sailor took his drink.
The sailor was a stocky man
and blocked the wind as big blokes can.

New Year's Cheers

There once was a grumpy old Kraut.
He would taste of the sauce and then shout.
After seventy years
and a million cold beers

Jesus Snubbed

It had to happen, let me tell you all
God's only son was coming, Monday night.
Two bucks admission to the city's Mall,
fast foods to still the human appetite.

Mortgage Broker

There was never a good joker
just a cheating mortgage broker,
it was business as usual in L.A.
Make your money just by cheating


When God created woman he did plan
to give her various, attractive, useful features.
And when compared with the appendages of man
it's obvious that of all the living creatures

La Louve Et L'Autour - A Love Story

It was a very dark night. Stillness in the air,
cool damp caressing the skin, faint sounds
plaintiff-like, touching the ears.
La Louve was moving quietly, effortlessly

Rabbit Homecoming

It was early in the morning,
the forest never had seen
so much and such yellow fog.
The little rabbit had arrived,

My Drinking Cousin

The doorway shrank beneath the pompous man,
who was director of the Rehab Clinic Giesen.
My cousin Gerhard stepped out of our van
to say Hello, to which the man said 'What's the reason

An Ending

All is quiet
on the Prairie.
Wild horses graze
it is all I see.