Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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As if you didn't know.
It's nothing to do with you,
or me, for that matter.
It's circumstances,

Chemistry Lab

Pilshoffer was the name
of our old teacher,
'twas chemistry that made him
what he was and clung to.

Not Stood Up

At last she had arrived, hips swinging.
Boobs leading,
heels clicking,
unhurried, rather strolling.

Shearers For Life

Lonesome and hot,
covered with dust
the Hilton it's not
and the work is a must.

The New Car Deal

'But do not come to Daddy,
crying, come Monday morning
expecting to pay what I offer you
right here and now, so come,

Another Win

Oh yes, the LOTTERY.
Another one I did not,
would not, could not
participate in, yet

Gravedigger Johann

He was an old man now.
Still digging graves at
our cemetary.
Pick axe and shovel,

Enigma Visits

When I woke in the morning at home
at the bedside there was a new feature,
it looked a bit like a small gnome
or some other benevolent creature.


I was just nine - you caught my eye,
you stunned me with your smile.
I stood with friends when you swayed by,
I thought of you a while.

On Valentine's Day

Some chocolates on Valentine,
and later on, a bit of wine.
A bunch of rare exotic flowers
to brighten up the evening hours.