Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Young Poets

To the young poets flaunting their stuff,
please don't post any stuff that's too rough.
Read the work of old geezers,
they are real crowd pleasers

And Hi To You

All the hootin' and tootin'
and the fancy fallutin
only shows that you mock
right from under your rock.

Limerick For Beginners

A recalcitrant poetry critic
who was harsh and a bit analytic
was the colour of custard
but the hot taste of mustard

And The Soul Leaves

Now the silence descends
like the Lady of Darkness.
Yet his eyes remain wide,
both remaining behind.

The End

Not a whisper is heard
nor a shadow be seen.
When she gave me the word
it was vicious and lean.

Benign Limericks

In the forests of Uluru
fertile pebbles of Kangaroo poo
make the bunya trees thrive
and the bees in their hive

When Willows Weep

A river always likes to flow
downhill - from up to down -
its water somehow seems to know
to find the nearest town.


A poet wrote a lot of stuff
but no one liked to read it,
yet he had judged it good enough
and that's how he succeeded.

Twenty-Five Years....Next To Alice

Sending out an invitation
to attend a special meeting
where astute deliberation
is at home, however fleeting

To See Venice And Die

I fully realise, my Lord
that I have been to Venice
but if you would not mind
please hold your horses.