Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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True Aussie Racism

There once was a young, male recruit,
he was smart rather tall, also cute.
At the first interview
he was told: 'It is true,

Keep Writing Poetry

I thought it quite exciting
that you would say you're not
a poet; words are biting,
the kettle calls the pot.....

Soap Bubbles

They were tiny, these bubbles,
he'd called them infinitesimal,
though just to show some class,
soap tends to move with grace,

Primary School

Two boys of the primary school,
thought it would be exceedingly cool,
if they'd take a big leak
at the end of the week

The Bird Got Run Over

The mechanic was sad, and depressed
he went straight to his priest and confessed,
so the priest said 'tis fine
I will open some wine

The Linguist

I knew a cunning linguist
he'd go each Friday to get pissed.
Once on a Saturday he licked
a tiny glandula that ticked.

For Tara - The Girl Of His Dreams

It would please me immensely, of course
and I thank you for thinking of me
if my wish were a high-flying horse
you can guess where its rider would be.

Mary's Gators

Mary had a little horse
the horse was just a pony,
the horse had hooves and balls of course
but ate no maccaroni.


Inside a dark and silent cave
he heard the sounds of pain,
he'd ventured far, a man so brave,
had thought it a small drain.

Ham And Eggs

A famine swept throughout the South,
all mothers tried to feed the mouths
of their small children so they'd live
but no one had enough to give.