Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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The Asylum

There once was a place for the folks
who would write little poems and jokes.
And the place had its rules
both for smartbums and fools

Questions To God

Would you tell me God, the answer to this puzzle in my mind,
I have pondered it for decades since my birth.
Will a cat devour a mouse if she is definitely blind,
will the rain find, in the dark, its way to earth?

A Man's Prayer

There was a letter in my Tuesday mail last week,
airmail and light, the stamp gave it away,
Herr Pastor wrote to say HELLO to all the meak,
and wish our special group a Happy Holy Day.

Burp - (German Version) Ruelps

Am Fenster sitzt ein grauer Spatz
beaeugt von einer alten Katz'.
Der Vogel frisst vom Napf Getreide,
fuellt damit seine Eingeweide.

Meinem Alten Freund Zum Geburtstag (Ein Limerick)

Der Vater der hatte oft Zorn,
und trug seine Nase stets vorn.
Doch den Blick in die Welt
tat in Beuernfeld

My Slave

She was still under age,
though what a precious find,
inside a bamboo cage
she looked refined

Church Business

A preacher named Adrian Finn
had considered that living in sin
with a nubile young maid
who'd ensure he'd get laid

Nightstalker On A Mission

A fat and lazy pussycat
was eying, up a tree, a rat.
The pussycat had been neglected
since nasty flaws had been detected


My conviction that,
for the first 10 years,
breast cancer deaths are
increased in women

In The Beginning - The Questions And Lies

.....and why, my sweet do I not miss you,
why do I feel no pain sensation?
There is no mad urge to possess you,
I do not need you for salvation.