Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Kookaburra Dreaming

I had a dream last night,
it was of bothersome dimensions.
To dwell on dreams
it always has

Reminiscing Ii

Canada won't do.
I envisage the Twins.
Cities that is.
Leaves underfoot.

How The Canetoad Came To Australia

It was near Cairns, out on the road.
A rather homely looking toad
was of a mind to find his mate.
'Twas raining heavily, and late.

My New Computer (Limerick)

Just got finished (some help from a tutor)
hooking up to the net the computer,
somewhat clumsy of hand
though I did understand


And top of the morning to you, Sir!
How this turd, wearing the Queen's rags
could justify the audacity.The nerve.
After the Royal horse farted (it was her) ,

Still The One

I actually did brush my teeth,
only to return to a still warm bed,
she's attending that wedding,
so far away I could have,

God Bless You, Dear Auntie

If you're nearing the big Nine-Oh
and you've got nothing major to show,
but the dentures of old
and two fillings of gold

The Asylum

There once was a place for the folks
who would write little poems and jokes.
And the place had its rules
both for smartbums and fools

Questions To God

Would you tell me God, the answer to this puzzle in my mind,
I have pondered it for decades since my birth.
Will a cat devour a mouse if she is definitely blind,
will the rain find, in the dark, its way to earth?

A Man's Prayer

There was a letter in my Tuesday mail last week,
airmail and light, the stamp gave it away,
Herr Pastor wrote to say HELLO to all the meak,
and wish our special group a Happy Holy Day.