Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Of Radishes And Psychiatry

A radish popped out of the ground
it had red cheeks, his face was round
the leafy hair he had was green
and little else could then be seen

Vicious Indifference

It was a day full of tristesse.
The birds knew it,
dogs, wolves and roaches
sensed it,


It's only you that sees the fog
and finds himself so lost within
the murmur of familiar voices,
do let the kindness of the sun

My First Teacher

They say the years from one to five,
when tiny tots become alive,
li'l professors they are, really
as they take in and store so freely

Stuffy Nose

Use three percent peroxide, dear
first in the nose, then in the ear.
Those nasty germs will run and scatter
and from the nostrils greenish matter

Frog In The Log

There once was a handsome green frog
who resided inside an old log.
He had cut two small vents
in the log for defense

Kindness (Children)

A stork built on the roof a nest,
he had just recently been blessed
with what he called his feathered dream:
Long legs, a beak of crimson cream

The Mousetrap

A mouse looked through a tiny crack
to see the farmer and his spouse
who opened what she had brought back
from shopping back here to the house.


Out of the hollow clouds
swaying in endless skies
fall with their desperate cries
raindrops like wayward kids.

Teardrops Of Yesteryear

Some teardrops fell upon my bed,
I heard them in the dark.
Remembered dimly what I'd said
last night, that one remark