Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Teardrops Of Yesteryear

Some teardrops fell upon my bed,
I heard them in the dark.
Remembered dimly what I'd said
last night, that one remark

Love Is Reflection

Alas, it follows that
true love is
just an animal
that always must

A Prayer

God will you help me just today.
I am confronted by a velvet skinned young maiden.
Or should I say presented with her by the grace of...YOU?
Her skin is softer than your own chamois


The son of God,
his only one.
They nailed him
to the cross.

Today's Bd Poem

I wrote a poem without preambles,
the subject was those prickly brambles.
I dedicate it now to you
so wear it if it fits. The shoe.

Beetle Crap

A beetle shat upon my eye,
while I was sleeping soundly
beneath my favourite willow tree
it was an act of love.

Are You Leaving?

And I'll ask you today,
would you like me to guess
what your future will hold,
like a good game of chess,

A Weak Spot

Young Siegfried bathed in dragon blood
acquired immortality.
No weapon could have harmed him but
his foe was pure reality.

Beating Father Death

There once was a fellow named Bart
he declared Father Death to be art
when the knock finally came
and death called out his name


Early morning, while rolling rather sideways,
remaining for a minute on your side,
I turn my back on starched, but lonely satin.
It was to be OUR cruise to Vanuatu.