Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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What Price Kindness

Even before the crack of dawn
I would be in the barn, yawning
but ready to do the essentials.
Susie, the Jersey, cantankerous,

Appeal To Emilie

I cannot read a single poem
while others will now get to know 'em
I sit here playing with my mouse
and take it all out on my spouse.

Haikus From The Confucius Series -3

It had been steamy.
His mother asked him later
Do you chew floss, my boy?

The Morality Of Euthanasia

So does Philosophy then, suffer from
the superficiality of its apparent softness?
Or do you find it harsh, my friend, and cold,
its objectivity a front to trivialise all human feeling.

Dracula's Wanderers

She was a sorceress,
though not a soul
had known.

Bananas (Limerick)

There once was a lonely banana
pretty ugly but otherwise sana.
Poet Allan came by
dressed it up on the sly

Cat Among The Pigeons

An alley cat with scruffy hair
got into the old pigeon house.
And all it wanted was its share
of pigeon meat, because a mouse

Steve Irwin - Crocodile Hunter

Oh, what a larrikin he was,
half boy, the other half a unicorn,
that sunburnt, smiling face
a wardrobe of bland regulation

One Day In The Life Of Jc

Up early just to do some sports
is JC in his boxershorts.
He likes the flowers and the bells
but buys what JC Penney's sells.

The Pile Of Poo

A bus trip through the Northern Beaches,
it slowed to fifty near the houses,
the dark haired lady, one who teaches
about the past and thus arouses