Herbert Nehrlich

Rookie (04 October 1943 / Germany)

Herbert Nehrlich Poems

41. Jogger's Peril 6/26/2005
42. Fixing Figures 5/14/2005
43. Your Vital Test 5/12/2005
44. Bucketloads 7/7/2005
45. Where Will The Children Go 7/7/2005
46. Nana's Bad Arm 7/5/2005
47. Cyberkisses 7/18/2005
48. Cat 11/30/2004
49. Visitor 1/17/2005
50. Shifty Eyes 5/6/2005
51. Du Laesst Dich Geh'N 5/6/2005
52. Lost Love 4/28/2005
53. The Mistake 10/20/2005
54. Stenting 10/20/2005
55. Lifestyle Ramblings 6/11/2005
56. Peter Rabbit From Canada 4/15/2006
57. Hog's Breath Café 6/27/2005
58. An Ailing Spider 7/15/2005
59. Where Ill Winds Blow 7/15/2005
60. Hemi 8/17/2005
61. West Bank Worries 8/16/2005
62. Grosse Lisse 3/17/2006
63. For Sherrie (Haiku) 3/22/2006
64. The West Hasn'T Been Won 6/26/2005
65. Conversion Dilemma 6/27/2005
66. Fata 3/27/2006
67. For Hrh Princess Shirley 4/9/2006
68. Ein Plumsklo (German And English Versions) 4/7/2006
69. Ratzinger's Rats 3/4/2006
70. Hansel 3/8/2006
71. The Final Drink 3/11/2006
72. Gas 3/13/2006
73. Poetry Competition Rules 2/15/2006
74. God's Hand 3/16/2006
75. A Limerick Collection (21) 2/22/2006
76. Domkop 2/22/2006
77. The Polarbear's Ways 2/24/2006
78. Lunchbox 1/6/2006
79. Cirrhosis 2/1/2006
80. Weasel 2/1/2006

Comments about Herbert Nehrlich

  • p.a. noushad p.a. noushad (11/10/2008 2:09:00 AM)

    your poems are the beautiful nerration of earthly life

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  • Pied Piper Berry (8/22/2008 3:43:00 AM)

    You have a brilliant mind and you are very tallented. I have only read a few of your poems so far and I have really enjoyed them.

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  • Reinhard Stobbe (6/12/2008 3:17:00 AM)

    I don't know if this is correct to post here. I have spent some time to read poetry here during the past weeks and I want to comment.

    Mr. Nehrlich,

    I am new here and have been a lurker for about 4 weeks.
    Your poems, Sir, are fantastic in my opinion! I have never come across such diversity and talent.

    No, I am not an expert but I subscribe to the theory that it is not the critics but the public who must judge poetry.I especially enjoyed your poems in german as it is my native language as well.
    You are a fine poet.


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  • Murtala Ramat (4/9/2008 5:07:00 AM)

    hi poets, good wishes to all.i am going to publish a bilingual poetry magazine named 'KABICAFE' (proposed) from Bangladesh.You r encouraged to send three of ur best short poems (not more than 12 lines) with a brief biography.I hope all the young poets would help me to fulfill my dream project by enriching my magazine.welcome to all & thanks a lot.murtala ramat, poet of Bangladesh.

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  • Tara very irritated with PH injustice (12/30/2007 6:36:00 AM)

    H, I continue to read you, continue to love you. t x

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  • Linda Ori Linda Ori (7/9/2006 11:19:00 AM)

    Herbert - Although I frequently read your poems, I have not commented until now. I have to tell you how much I love the poem you wrote for Poetry Hound regarding his brother's medical dilemma. I'm a nurse, and you said all the right words of encouragement that we advise families to do for their loved one in this type of situation. I am speechless! What you did for this man by writing this poem is so unselfish and giving from the heart. I have two boys and it made me think of them and how they would handle a situation such as this, and I nearly cried! You should be proud of the wonderful person that you obviously are, and I know what you did will be instrumental in bringing about a happy outcome for this family. Much respect and admiration, Herbert, and carry on................

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  • Mike Finley (5/19/2006 11:14:00 PM)

    Congratulations on reaching the 2000 Poem mark, Herbert. What a month it's been!

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  • Mary Nagy (5/11/2006 7:33:00 AM)

    I consider Herbert to be not only a friend but also a wonderful man. He has become someone I can trust and confide it. His poetry spans from humorous fun to educational topics. I enjoy reading his poetry very much and always feel I'm ''better off'' with each poem I read. I have also come to think of Herbert as a great humanitarian. He is always taking the time to share his knowledge of health related issues with all the people here in the hopes of ''helping'' anyone who cares to listen. He has also been kind enough to offer my family and I his invaluable medical advice which I will be forever grateful for. Thank you Herbert, for being the wonderful person you are. You are truly beautiful. Sincerely, Mary Nagy

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  • Gina Onyemaechi (3/19/2006 5:40:00 PM)

    Hey Herbs! ! Tell me, how is the Fatherland treating you? Big difference in weather eh? And when can I come and visit? I'm working on the lingo even as we speak!
    : -)


    With warmth as ever,

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  • Gina Onyemaechi (2/14/2006 4:47:00 PM)

    Was beginning to think I'd never hear these words! : -) G.

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Best Poem of Herbert Nehrlich

.....When I'M Sixty-Four?

I hope your hands
will always be for
me to hold.
And, if they are
a trifle sweaty,
would you mind
to overlook
this sign of
rampant joy?

I hope your eyes
will always be for
me to love.
And, if they shed
a few shy tears,
so would you mind
I kissed them all away?

I hope your ears
will always be for
my own words.
And if they're sparse
at times or casual
would you mind
me whispering
sweet nothings -
all day and night?

I hope your smile
will always be
just waiting
to shine on me
with ...

Read the full of .....When I'M Sixty-Four?


You can't cook with it.
It won't clean you.
Useless for dishes.
Goldfish don't like it.

What makes you think
that lukewarm kisses
will warm my heart
soothe my soul
smooth my wrinkles,
light my smile,
feed my ego,
make me happy
prolong my life?