Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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My Island

The shriek awakens me,
suspended as I hang
between two cocos palms.
The hammock having carved

The Inheritance

' Yes, Mother, I do KNOW that age obliges.
It starts, you say, at eighty, so beware.
It does enhance your own idea of 'righteous',
as it allows you to transform myopic stare

For Angie Mae - My Favourite Canadian

Sending two earlobe kisses your way
you have certainly spiced up my day
and the next time I doodle
it's for you a big strudel

The Killing Of Terry - Without Mercy

'Your illness is not curable,
we need to pull the plug right now,
conditions that are terminal
cannot be paid for by us all.'

Nigger Malcolm *

His name was Malcolm,
he hustled next to me
behind the counter of
beloved Martindale's.


For those of you who are obese,
who never know just when to cease
obsessive and incessant stuffing,
who walk upstairs with lots of huffing,

On Stress

To those who give us stress, God bless!
It took me decades, I confess
to see a reason in each mess
which is, I venture a small guess,

About Dipples

I look around for strictly scientific reasons,
to ascertain just what it is that makes the diff.
I spend considerable time here on the beach in all four seasons,
and while observing all and finally asking if

Biology Lesson

The student asked, 'what is it then',
the answer came as it must come.
So here's a little lesson:
A naked mass of protoplasm,

Junk Food (Children)

Spinach, carrots, artichokes,
will not grow the bones of blokes.
Ketchup, chocolate bars and chips
Coca Cola, frequent nips,