Herbert Nehrlich Poems

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Games People Play

Norton, friend of Links,
did have a history
of favourite media links.
He searched, non stop

Doldrums - Population Unknown

My mother told me
on a day when all
my necessary actions
were going well,

The Rating Game On P/H

There is so much debating
on this well-travelled forum
about the poets' rating
and less about decorum.


To treat the people who are free
and make them better yet, indeed
a chemical lobotomy
is just the tool that we all need.

A Happy Birthday To Jerry - Poet Laureate ! ! !

And may I be permitted to include
my happy wishes for this aging dude?
I've nothing but respect for him of course,
but struth I feel the same about a horse! ! ! !

A Killing

It was a hole, size of a dime.
Had penetrated his left eye
a Southern California crime
they use their guns there, never shy.

A Canadian

Since I had just arrived
from foreign shores
where men are shy
and women tease,

Moon And Sun (Children)

The Moon with finely chiselled face
awoke to see his ancient foe
dress up with gold-embroidered lace
to execute her morning show.


'Father, bless me and forgive me, I have sinned.
I have doubted the great wisdom of our Lord.
I was in the backseat of my boyfriend's Volvo,
when the windows very suddenly steamed up.'

Come Smile At Me Again

Come smile at me
come smile at me again.
And use the only smile you have,
the selfless and exquisite one.